All American Talent

Rules & Regulations

Important Information for the Competitor and Studio

Please Read Carefully

The rules for All American Talent are different for Dance & Talent, Fashion Modeling, and Photogenic. Please read the appropriate section completely. Failure to comply with the rules governing your routine could result in disqualification. All Rules and Regulations are subject to change.

Great Vocal Competition at AAT...Great Talent!
Elizabeth Sooy... Children's Ballet Workshop

Dance & Talent Rules


NOVELTY/OPEN Consists of any dance style or combination of dance styles, song and dance, or performances with props. Contestants entering this category will compete against a variety of other creative talents not specifically listed. 
MODERN Interpretive dance using balance & control. Must be modern contemporary style. 
LYRICAL Routine encompassing the use of balance, flexibility and control utilizing the lyrics or mood of the music.
MUSICAL THEATER Broadway/Theater dance styles using “Broadway” music.
GROUP PRODUCTION A series of acts, formations or tempo changes within the same or composite piece of music creating the excitement of a spectacular production number. Time limits extended to 6 minutes. Special age division applies: Group Production  Junior (12 & Under)  Senior (13 & Over)
PARENT/ADULT (GROUP) A FUN category, giving Parents/Adults a chance to participate.
CHOREOGRAPHY Recognizes both the choreographer and performers. Choreography is limited to groups Junior & Senior age divisions, regardless of type (Tap, Jazz, Ballet, etc.) The same routine may be used in another talent category.
TAP Routine comprised of tap technique. No pre-recorded tap sounds are allowed on music.
VOCAL Routine may be any type of vocal presentation. Accompaniment must be pre recorded. No lead vocals permitted on recording, back up voices only will be permitted.
JAZZ  Routine using jazz technique with such moves as kicks, splits, isolations, etc.
ACRO/GYMNASTICS Routine which may contain gymnastic passes, walkovers, limbers, headstands, chest rolls, etc.  Definite choreography should be used to blend gymnastics and dance together.
HIP-HOP Street or contemporary jazz-funk.
BALLET  Routine which must include classical steps and ballet technique. Ballet slippers only.
POINTE  Routine which must include classical steps and ballet pointe technique. Pointe shoes only.
CONTEMPORARY  Routine incorporating lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements.
LIP SYNC  A portrayal of a stereotype or impersonation through pantomime and costume; mimicking the voice on a tape.



Routines may be moved to a higher competition level, but never a lower level. Please be certain that you are entering your performers in the proper performance level when inputting your registration data. This CANNOT be changed after the schedule is completed.


Because no competition can possibly know how many hours a child dances or for how many years they have danced, it is left to the teachers own sound judgement when entering level placement for their students.

Starting this year, there are three competitive levels. Studios will be required to assign a competition level for each performer when they are entered in our registration system. The following guidelines are suggestions to be used in determining the appropriate level placement of the competitors:

Novice Level: Designed for dancers with limited competition experience and/or dancers who take an approximate total of 0-2 hours combined dance/acro/rehearsal lessons per week. While it is not mandatory that you enter this level if you take 2 or less hours per week, it is recommended, especially for newcomers to competition dancing. Please note, this is only a guideline and we leave the final decision to your discretion, as you know the ability level of your dancers best.

Intermediate Level: Designed for dancers with moderate competition experience and/or dancers who take a total of 2-5 hours of combined dance/acro/rehearsal lessons per week. While it is not mandatory that you enter this level if you take 2-5 hours of lessons per week, it is recommended. Please note, this is only a guideline and we leave the final decision to your discretion, as you know the ability level of your dancers best.

Advanced Level: Designed for dancers who display a higher level of technical abilities and skill and/or have significant competition experience. This level dancers generally take a total of 5 or more hours combined dance/acro/rehearsal lessons per week. Please note, this is only a guideline and we leave the final decision to your discretion, as you know the ability level of your dancers best.


It is at the judges discretion to move any routine that they feel is placed in a level below their ability to the level in which they feel is necessary. All judges decisions are FINAL. If the judges determine that a routine should be moved to a different level, and that level has already competed, the routine will then be eligible for adjudication only.

50% Rule (as it pertains to experience levels): All Duo/Trio, Group, or Line routines will be placed in the experience level of the majority of the dancers. Meaning, if 50% or more of the dancers in a routine are a specific level, the routine should be placed in that experience level. You are always allowed to place your Duo/Trio, Group, or Line routines in a higher experience level, even if 50% or more of the dancers are in a lower experience level. If a routine is moved up a level at a regional competition, it must compete in that same level at any future regional competitions that season and at National Finals. If Judges choose to move a Duo/Trio, Group, or Line routine up a level, that routine is exempt from the 50% rule.

MIXED LEVEL DUET: Routine level is determined by highest level dancer.

MIXED LEVEL TRIO/GROUPS/LINES: Level of the routines is based on the majority of the performers.

PRO-AM PERFORMANCE: Any routine including a “professional dancer” will compete in the Pro-Am level.

AWARDS: Entries will be adjudicated, and will receive High Score Awards within all levels.

VOCALS: There are no performance levels for vocal routines.

Teen Miss All American Dance Sarah Stillman, Turning Pointe Dance Academy


Group Name Number of Dancers Time Limit*
Solo 1 3 Minutes
Duo/Trio 2 to 3 3 Minutes
Small Group 4 to 9 3 Minutes
Large Group 10 to 19 4 Minutes
Line 20 and above 5 Minutes
Group Production Talent n/a 6 Minutes

* Points may be deducted for exceeding time limits.  Extended Time is available, with AAT approval, at time of registration for $2.00 per dancer.


Age is based on birth date as of January 1st of the Competition Season year. Group age division is based on the average age of the group. Drop the decimal point.

For all Talents except Group Production, the following age groups will be available:

Petite Junior Teen Senior Adult
(5-6) (7-8)  (9-10) (11-12) (13-15) (16-19) (20+)

Group Productions will only have two age groups:

Junior Senior
(12 & Under) (13 & Over)


Contestants that enter any solo dance category and Miss or Mr. All American Dance title category will qualify to compete for the title of Miss or Mr. All American Dance. Regional & National Miss/Mr. All American Dance awards recognizes a very special combination of talent, style and appearance. Title competition at each Regional is incorporated into the Solo competition. You may enter as many as solos as you wish to be judged for title. All entries will be judged for title during the performance of their routine during the Regional competition. Title competition at Summer National Finals is a separate special event. Regional title winners are expected to participate in the Summer National Finals. A minimum of 3 or more male contestants are required in an age division for Mr. Dance Category or male & female contestants will compete together and one Winner will be selected regardless of gender unless otherwise determined by the judges. 


Talent contestants will be judged on technique, execution, music synchronization and stage presence. Ties will be broken by the technique score. Judges Scoresheets will be returned to School Director or Independent Entries, AFTER all awards have been presented.  Video/Audio Critiques will be available online. All decision of the judges are final.


The schedule of events will be available 5 days prior to the competition.

Hannah Strother, Edna Lee Dance Studio


Three Scoring Judges will each award up to 100 points. At Regional qualifying events, each talent category and age division will be adjudicated based on the following point totals to qualify for the Summer National Finals. High Platinum, Platinum, High Gold and Gold award winners qualify to compete at the Summer National Finals.

Diamond 98 – 100
High Platinum 94 – 97.99
Platinum 90 – 93.99
High Gold 86 – 89.99
Gold 80 – 85.99
Silver 77 – 79-99
Bronze 70 – 76.99
Honorable Mention  

Fashion Modeling Rules

Modeling Categories

OPEN Be creative and have fun!!! Model Beachwear, Active Wear or Novelty Costume, your choice!


There are no performance levels in modeling.


MODELING AREA: Contestants will model a T-Shaped format.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Modeling Technique & Style, Appearance, Fashion Sense and Stage Presence. Special music is not permitted.

FASHION MODELING AWARDS: Regional & National Winners in each age division and Fashion Modeling category will be awarded. Contestants entering all three categories of Modeling, receiving the most 1st place modeling awards will be named Miss or Mr. All American Model in Jr (12 & Under) Sr (13 & over) age divisions.

Sidari Burgos of Ultimate Dance Academy performs on stage.

Photogenic Rules


There are no performance levels in photogenic.



PHOTOS:  Photos cannot be larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches or smaller than 5 by 7 inches. Photos must be mailed to our office labeled with participant name, age and studio name. Photos will be returned at each competition.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Expression, Pose, Photogenic Projection, and Photo Quality.

PHOTOGENIC AWARDS: The Photogenic Competition will be displayed at Nationals in the Grand Ballroom/Theatre. Winners in Jr (12 & Under) Sr (13 & )  age divisions will be named Miss or Mr. All American Photogenic. National individual and group photogenic winners may appear on the All American Talent Awards Web site.

TITLE AWARDS: Contestants entering the photogenic competition vie for the Miss/Mr. All American Photogenic Title in each of the 4 age divisions, plus an overall Miss/Mr All American Photogenic title.

Savanna Mitchell, Edne Lee Dance Studio

National Rules

Follow rules governing Regionals where applicable.

Additional National Information:

Registering for Nationals is easy. In our online registration National entry can be taken from your regional entries with 2 simple clicks.

Qualification: Competitors receiving a Gold or higher are regionals are eligible.

Additional Routines: Studios may qualify additional numbers in our prequalifying event prior the start of Nationals. Applicable registration process and entry fees prior to deadline apply. All entries will receive Adjudicated Awards. Time and space availability is limited.

Video Submissions: Studios may also qualify additional numbers by submitting routine via video. Applicable registration process prior to deadline. Discounted video entry rates apply.

Workshops: Free Workshop Classes for All Star Team. Register early. Space limited.


ONLINE REGISTRATION: This is the quickest and easiest way for you to enter. Create an account on You first create a roster of all students and then enter your routines. All schedules and routine numbers will be posted for teachers to view on this account. Students can be added, deleted or edited by the studio at any time until the event is closed. National entries can be created with 2 simple clicks. Payment can be a check sent in the mail or credit card payment by calling our office. However, registration will not be considered complete until payment is received.

SIGNED RELEASE: All Parent/Guardian must sign a Waiver in order for child to participate. This can be downloaded from our online registration.

PRIVACY POLICY: AAT does not share customer data with anyone.

ENTRY DEADLINE: 21 days prior to the event.

ENTRY FEES: Entry fees are listed in our online registration.

LATE ENTRIES: Late entries will be accepted up to 14 days prior to the competition on a space available basis. Late entries will be charged a late fee of 10% of the entry fees. Payment for all entries mailed after the deadline date must be submitted with a Cashier’s Check, Money Order or Credit Card. Cashier’s Check/Money Order must be sent Overnight Express Mail.

PAYMENTS: Payment can be a check sent in the mail or credit card payment by calling our office. All Credit Card transactions will be subject to a 3% processing fee. Returned checks will be charged a $35.00 service fee.

REFUNDS: No Refunds will be made for entries. Credits for future competitions will be issued only for medically excused contestants.

SCHEDULING: AAT does not have a set schedule. Schedules are based on the number and type of entries received to best the serve the majority of participants. Scheduling requests must be included in the scheduling comment box in the online registration. Please be realistic with requests and take into consideration that your request may conflict with others. We highly recommend that studios be flexible as well and are able to perform during the scheduled event time. If contestant/contestants do not compete on the scheduled day for their division their performance will be evaluated for an adjudicated award but not for overall high score or title.

REVIEW YOUR ENTRIES: The Online Registration is open to you 24/7 until we close the event in order to do the schedule. Once the event is closed you will not be able to add or entries or make changes. Please be sure you have entered all students, correct birth dates, all routines and that all students are included in the routines. Check the routine is listed in the correct talent category, age division and group size. Make sure Title entries for Miss/Mr. All American Dance is entered correctly with the right gender marked as well. Once the schedule is created Studio Director, Teachers or Parent cannot request a performance to be changed or rescheduled in fairness to all involved.

PROOF OF AGE: Should a question arise concerning the age of a contestant, proof of age by birth certificate must be provided.

TEACHERS REWARD PROGRAM: See details in Teachers Center in our Online Registration.

WELCOME PACKET: Studio director Welcome packet including welcome letter and complimentary program with schedule and order of performance, rules and regulations, Judges bios, competition highlights etc. will be available upon your arrival. Check in with front of house manager. Please note: Only one packet per studio will be provided.

MUSIC: Properly cued quality CD is required for all entries. Only one song per CD allowed. CDs must be marked with song title, performing order number and studio name. Submit music to sound tech table 30 minutes prior to studios first scheduled performance. Back up CD or iPod must be available. iPod must have play list that includes the performance number and song title. You must provide a charger. If music stops for any reason, contestant will be given the opportunity to re-perform. AAT will not tell a contestant to stop performing, that decision is left to the teacher or performers discretion.

JUDGES CRITIQUES: Judges Critiques will include video comments and score sheets. Video critiques will be available online. AAT reserves the right to provide written comments and score sheets in place of video critiques in the event video services are not available. Score sheets will be given to teacher or studio owner at the end of the competition. Score Sheets and all Performance Music MUST be picked up at the competition. AAT will not be responsible for mailing score sheets and music that is not picked up at the event.

AGE APPROPRIATE: Please remember that AAT is a family friendly event. All choreography, lyrics, themes and costuming should be age appropriate. Routines deemed inappropriate will have their scores lowered at the judge’s discretion.

INCOMPLETE ROUTINES: Contestants who exit the stage before the completion of their routine will have the option to re perform. However the routine will be adjudicated only and not be eligible for high score awards.

BE READY: All contestants should be ready to perform 45 minutes prior to their scheduled time. If the competition is running ahead of schedule, contestants are expected to be ready earlier. Please take this into consideration for Awards Presentation as well, especially for those leaving the venue and returning for Awards.

BACKSTAGE: Please check in with AAT Stage Manager at least 3 routines prior to performance. Teachers and performers only allowed backstage.

ADMISSION: Admission to AAT Competition is free.

SPECTATORS: Spectators are to enter and exit the theatre/audience area in between routines only.

DRESSING ROOMS/AUDIENCE AND SURROUNDING AREAS: Competitors and competitor’s family and guests will be responsible for keeping area clean. Any competitors that fail to keep the dressing rooms clean and free of debris are subject to immediate disqualification. Same gender teachers and parents only allowed in Dressing rooms.

THEATRE, AUDIENCE SPACE AND SURROUNDING AREAS: Competitors and competitor’s family and guests will be responsible for keeping areas free of debris. Food and drinks are not permitted in the audience. Smoking is also prohibited on school grounds. Any person in violation will be asked to exit the venue. It is the responsibility of the studio owners to make sure that all parents and guests understand these restrictions

VIDEO /PHOTOGRAPHY: NO videotaping or photography is permitted. AAT will provide video and or photography by a third party vendor. Video and photo orders are subject to vendor’s specifications. If service is not available, one video badge per studio will be issued and a designated representative may video only the routines from your studio. Phot badges will not be available. This is done to protect the rights of the choreographer and to protect the children’s safety. It is the responsibility of the studio owners to make sure that all parents and guests understand these restrictions. Exception: Photos maybe taken at awards ceremony. Flash photography not allowed.
MEDIA PROMOTION: All attendees of All American Talent authorize the use of their images in photos and video for any and all All American Production, advertising and promotion purposes without royalty, fee or other compensation.

PERFORMING AREAS: Approximately 42’ x 30’. Performing areas may vary at different locations. Marley floor is used at all events.

GYM MATS: Studios must provide their own Gym mats set up and removal.

PROPS: No dangerous props may be used during the competition (swords, fire etc,). General props are allowed but must be taken on and off the stage within two minutes total. It is the sole responsibility of the studio to ensure that it’s props are taken on and off stage. AAT staff cannot help with props. It is also the studios responsibility to ensure the stage is completely clean and clear after the routine is finished. Please do not build props backstage as this can be hazardous to performers. AAT cannot guarantee prop storage as backstage space is limited. For safety, dancers cannot stand above 6’6” on a prop. Props that stand above 10’ are not guaranteed to fit on the stage/performing area. NOTE: due to health risks we do NOT allow fog/smoke machines or strobe lights to be used during any performances. No baby powder, liquids or helium balloons may be used. Items may not be thrown from the stage into the audience. There is not enough time for proper clean up. Special lighting may not be used. Any damage that may occur to the Marley floor with the use of props will be the responsibility and expense to that studio. Any violation of the above rules will result in point deductions as well.

DANCE FLOOR DEBRIS: If the dance floor/stage becomes littered with sequins, feathers, sparkles, hairpins, etc., after a performance it becomes the responsibility of the studio/competitors of that routine to remove it in a quick expeditious manner.

COMPETITION LOCATION/DAYS: AAT reserves the right to extend, decrease or delete event days/date or change the location of the event.

MULTIPLE EVENTS: Contestants and same routines may participate in more than one city.

CODE OF CONDUCT: All American Talent wants to provide a positive experience for everyone that attends our events. To assist in achieving this goal, it is expected that every member of competing studios and their guests will be courteous and support each other in a manner that displays respect for the performing arts. All competitors, teachers, studio owners and spectators shall accept the markings and decision of the judges and no appeal against them may be made. Competitors, teachers, studio owners and spectators may not question a judge about his/her reasons for marking or engage the judge in conversation. In addition, no competitor, teacher, studio owner and spectator may question any member of AAT staff pertaining to the markings of the judges or results of the competition. It is the responsibility of each studio to that it’s students and families are made aware of the rules outlined herein.
Any performer competing in a dance competition takes certain inherent risks. These include, but are not limited to sprains, bruises, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Participation in this competition indicates the acceptance of such risks by performers. Therefore by virtue of entering this event, it is agreed that participants will not hold All American Talent/All American Talent Awards LLC, its officers, directors, officials, staff or employees responsible for injuries sustained or illnesses contracted by them while in attendance and/or participating in any activity related to an All American Talent Event. All American Talent/All American Talent Awards LLC and the hosting facility are not responsible for personal injury or property loss to either contestants, spectators or officials. All persons attending this event, whether Contestants, spectators or officials, shall be bound by the rules outlined herein, and by participating in this event, automatically become obliged to adhere to them.